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a belgian style wheat beer with a light colour, elegant aroma and a silky smooth taste, made especially for those who like the finer things in life.

Six Fields was inspired by the zeal to bring the authentic Belgian taste to an Indian beer. It comes from a legacy of the world's oldest beer recipes, the ones handed down by generations, crafted with perfection, and held dear by expert connoisseurs. After over 500 blind tastings by our world renowned brew-master, Six Fields Beer was born.

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The Wheat

The wheat used in Six Fields Beer is hand picked from the rich Gangetic plains of North India. The mash contains between 30 to 50% of wheat that gives the Beer its signature taste, aroma and texture.

The Brew

Brewing Six Fields Beer is a delicate balance. It involves processing the finest natural ingredients to produce the Beers unique flavour, smooth texture and refined character.

The Taste

Six Fields Beer has a complex yet zesty taste. The complex brewing techniques, the age-old recipe and the finest ingredient selection, gives it a taste like no other beer you have tasted before.

An unusual witbier that is refreshing as well as very contemplative. With subtle citrusy notes, it is as Indian as it is Belgian. Six Fields unique flavor profile complements any occasion and any mood. It is made to inspire you to hold on to the good things in life.