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our beer tastes best with sophisticated subtle flavors

img 01

light cheese and figs


Cheese is not just for wines! A creamy, tangy and briny cheese goes really well with the unique zesty taste of Six Fields. Add a fresh cut fig to this, and it's a match made in heaven.

img 02

prosciutto salad


Prosciutto salad with some fresh tangy tomatoes is a perfect start to a great meal. The zesty & zingy Six Fields Beer echoes the freshness in the dish. Six Fields is flavorful enough to support the prosciutto, but mild enough not to overwhelm the delicate, leafy salad.

img 03

spaghetti arrabbiata


A well-balanced tangy arrabbiata sauce goes well with the refreshing flavor profile of Six Fields Beer. The yeast in the beer brings out the grainy texture of the pasta and makes this pairing just perfect.

img 04

red tuna on a salad bed


Six Fields Beer elevates and accentuates the subtle flavor profile of a well cooked tuna. Together the delicate tuna and the refreshing Six Fields Beer make able companions.

img 05

duck with rosemary


The unique aroma of Six Fields Beer pairs so well with duck. Sixfield’s complex flavor profile perfectly complements the richness of duck.

img 06

prawn tortellini with french sauce


The soft pink meat of prawns in a rich and creamy béchamel french sauce pairs well with the refreshing taste of Six Fields. The yeast in the beer brings out the grainy texture of the tortellini pasta and makes the pairing just perfect.

img 07

avacado pistachio cake


This moist, tender and not-so-sweet sponge enhances the refreshing flavor of the Six Fields Beer. The pistachios make the pairing even better by adding a little nutty warmth.

img 08

mussels & calamari paella


Six Fields wheat beer is just cracking with the extraordinary flavors of a seafood paella. Every spoonful of the tangy spanish rice with mussels, calamari and prawns is made more delicious with a mouthful of Six Fields.

img 09

chocolate rose biscuit


The rich, crisp, dense and sweet chocolate biscuit contrasts, lifts and highlights the Six Fields flavour profile. The beer nicely cleanses the palate between each bite.